About Us

We're a motley mix of pickers and grinners simply keen on doing what we  love  -  performing great music. If you're into roots rock, honky-tonk, or alt country, chances are you're going to like a bunch of the tunes we cover, as well as a few of our own. Check back here once in a while and we'll do our best to post where and when we're playing next, and hope that you can join us. In the meantime stay safe and support live music, wherever you may be.


John McLarty

Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, occasional bodhran

His distinctive voice is a big part of what defines our sound. His sense of humour and cool-as-a-cuke on-stage demeanour are what frame the experience for our E-Bounders, the term of endearment we give to fans who bounce back gig after gig. Big Voice. Bigger heart. He even does Event IT should you happen to have a sports stadium that needs Wifi.


Peter Walker

Backing vocals, electric guitar

Walkstar is the band's elder statesman and conduit to those song choices that sport a little more dirt under the fingernail. He also makes our cool gig posters. On stage, P-Dubs may be all business, but off stage he's the king of chat and chill. Retired in 2020 after decades of teaching Sheridan kids about f-stops and shutter speeds, his new focus is learning Take it Easy for reals.


Peter Monk

Backing vocals, bass guitar

Peter takes bass playing to new heights as the tallest member of the band. He's been on the planet just eight days fewer than band brother John, which could help to explain the close harmonies they do on Keelor-Cuddy gems. The band's pigheaded proponent of writing and recording originals, PM is also in charge of getting band t-shirts made. This has nothing to do with the fact that he is employed by a company that sells promotional products.


Rob Kilian

Backing vocals, piano and keyboards

The only full-time musician amongst us, Rob and his killer keys bring a Sham-wow polish to our sound. He's a frontman for at least two or three Eagles tribute acts along with cover bands galore, but relishes the quirky mix of alt offerings that our shows are known for. He also teaches music to kids, and often plays Piano Man at swanky soirées around the golden horseshoe, in case you're hosting.


Michael Fitzgibbon


Few people in the world have a better memory for lyrics than our Fitz. Alas, with four singers in the band already, his lot is more Garth than Levon. Still, anyone who can sing every word of Life During Wartime literally without missing a beat is impressive in our books. Like a good back-stopper on any team, Mike is contractually obligated to be the one person on stage who isn't allowed to make a mistake. As a long time mucky-muck in the insurance industry, you'd think he'd have found a loophole by now.